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    Search before posting; You might find the answer
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    Give plenty of detail if requesting help
    Don't DM staff to "speed up" your support time, be patient

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  • Announcements regarding our community

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    Welcome to the official Aristois forum! 🎉

    We've created this space for our users to get support, chat with others, suggest new features, or report bugs.

    For an overview of the forum, feel free to read below

    Forum Topics

    Aristois Support - Get support with Aristois-related issues here!
    Addon Support - Get support for addons (EMC Marketplace), Fabric mods, Forge mods, or other third-party mods here!
    Bugs - Report bugs here! Please note that this is NOT a place to ask for support! Only to report reproducible bugs!
    Suggestions - Suggest new features here!

    To make a post, simply enter the corresponding category and then click the "New Topic" button. Markdown, image uploads, and image embeds are supported. Files of the type .txt are also supported. Please read here to see how to upload Minecraft log files!

    Don't forget to check out the FAQ category as well, which is filled with common issues/questions as well as video tutorials!

    Forum Chats

    Aside from the forum topics themselves, there are instant chatrooms available. While we would prefer that forum posts are created for issues/bugs/suggestions, these channels are here for your convenience (looking at you Discord users).

    To access them, click on "Chats" on the right-hand side of the Forum, and then click on "All chats". (see below)

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    Reddit Chat

    We also have a live support chat available on our subreddit, r/aristois!
    To join that chat, click here!

    With any questions regarding accessibility on the forum, feel free to make a post or DM me!

  • How to use certain features

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    Why does Aristois crash when I try and use it with X modpack?

    It's not uncommon that most modpacks contain one or two (or 10...) mods that conflict with Aristois. This is typically because they try to modify the same classes or mixins as Aristois. We do not plan on addressing any mod conflicts, so as of currently the only solution would be to remove them from your modpack. Keep in mind that if you remove mods required by multiplayer servers, you will not be able to play online with the modpack + Aristois.

    With that said, if you wish to try and fix the issue, below is a list of known conflicting mods, as well as some information on them.

    While we are able to help find mod conflicts to some extent, sometimes it's a very long and tedious task that can take hours on end. Therefore we are not always available to help solve complex mod issues. You are always welcome however to report new conflicts to add though.

    Keep in mind that this list is subject to change. Sometimes mods that previously conflicted with Aristois run fine, and sometimes mods that previously worked stop working.

    Last updated: 13/03/2024

    ❌ Hard mod conflict, cannot be used at all with Aristois
    ❓ Not known if it will cause issues (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't)
    Italic text: Mod can (most likely) be removed without multiplayer issues

    Forge mods

    ❓BYG - Possibly works
    ❓Create - Possibly works
    ❓Origins (Including Origins library mods such as Apoli and Apugli)
    ❌SmoothBoot - Prevents EMC/Aristois from being loaded on launch
    ❌Radium Reforged - Only on 1.19.x and higher, see fix here
    ❌Canary MC - Only on 1.19.x and higher, see fix here
    ❓Shoulder Surfing Reloaded
    ❓Embeddium - Reported but unconfirmed

    Fabric mods

    ❓BYG (Oh the biomes you'll go) - Possibly works
    ❓Origins - Possibly works
    ❌SmoothBoot - Prevents EMC/Aristois from loading
    ❌Lithium - Only on 1.19.x and higher, see fix here
    ❓Sodium Extra

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    yeah, so, when i use no 3rd person clipping, and then f5, the game crashes, and then entities don't render

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